Accueil / Multi function pump

Pumpaflex ® mullti function pump

At last intelligent and optimal management of your cutting oils

A liquid aspirator at the bottom of the chip skip

Remove neat oils or soluble fluids from the chip skips and recycle them in the liquid tray.

Water gun for machine tool

Clean the interior of the machine tool, remove the chips from the tools and from the processing area with a pressure of 5 bars.

Emulsion water mixer + concentrates

Carry out rapidly your refills of the liquid trays directly at the machine tool.

A deoiler of foreign oils and substances

Remove surface oils from your baths (residual oils and greases) and prolong their life span.

Shaker or an automatic programmable deoiler

Set up nightly or week-end programmes for periodic deoiling of your cutting fluids.


  • Rapid return on investment : reduced consumption, reduction in destruction costs and spare parts etc …
  • Versatile for your neat oils or soluble fluids, for all kinds of processing and matter.
  • Very easily mounted : just a pneumatic supply.
  • Fixed or mobile : multi function and upgradeable, all in one !

  • Machine-tools : liquid trays for cutting, chip bins, tubs for machine.
  • Filtration stations, recycling etc …
  • Spin dry chip zone, storage of used oils, oil pit, big chip skips etc …

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