Accueil / Presentation

More than 20 years experience in the field of chip evacuation and processing and the management of cutting fluids.

With a staff of 20 people and an annual turnover of 2.5 million euros, Novaxess Technology puts it’s expertise and experience at the disposal of it’s national and international customers in the field of metal chip evacuation and processing and the management of cutting fluids.

Novaxess Technology thanks to it’s ultra-specialised expertise can guide you in your very specific domain : the machine-tool by the machining or deformation of chips.

A unique technology :  CONVAFLEX

Our perfect know-how of your customers’ expectations and their different applications in the transport of chips has resulted in the development of a process which is exclusive to NOVAXESS TECHNOLOGY, the technology CONVAFLEX which is patent protected.

The machines manufactured by Novaxess Technology are unanimously recognised as being reliable and very robust in an effort to respond to your most demanding applications.

All of our chip conveyors, our filtration stations and our multi function pumps are entirely manufactured in France, well thought out and irreproachable in terms of quality.

Our project procedure

Defining the needs



The realisation of the whole processing system in our workshops : assembly, painting, controls and operational tests before delivery.